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If you would like to make money selling e-books, you must first create yourself an e-book. After your e-book has been created, you will then need to sell it. Many e-book authors, when selling their creations, use an e-book sales page. An e-book
sales page is a page that outlines the e-book available for sale, as well as its price. Although an e-book sales page is a great way to advertise your e-book it won’t help you get sales alone. You also need traffic for selling e-books. If your e-book sale page isn’t seen, no one will know that you have an e-book available for

When it comes to generating traffic for selling e-books, to your e-book sales page, you have a number of different options. For the best success, you are urged to take an “organic,” approach. An organic approach is one that is considered all natural, versus ones that are forced or made up. An example of a non-organic marketing
approach is participating in a pay-per-click program. One of the most popular types of organic internet marketing approaches involves the use of articles, namely distributing them to article directories. The use of an organic traffic increasing
tactic, like the use of articles, will not only help to increase your traffic, but it will also keep you, your e-book, or your business name in good standing. This is important because many online sellers have started turning to back-hand marketing


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As it was mentioned above, the best ways to use articles to generate organic traffic for selling e-books is by distributing them to article directories. Article directories are websites that host a large collection of articles.

In exchange for allowing an article directory to display your article on their site free of charge, you will be rewarded with a link. That link is often referred to as a back-link. If properly set up, readers who find your articles in article directories will be able to make it to your website. If you choose the right link, they can be directed
right to your e-book sales page! Essentially, this means that you will not only increase your website traffic, but you may also increase your e-book sales.

Although your best bet is to create articles and distribute them to article directories, you may also want to think about including content, or articles, on your own website. Whether you have a whole e-book sales site or even just one simple web page, you can get a large amount of traffic from internet search engines, but only if your site is optimized for them. Search engine optimization, which is often referred to as SEO,
encompasses a number of different things, but you may want to focus on content, as it is one of the easiest methods. You will want to have content on your website; content that search engines will pick up.

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When writing articles, whether you plan on using them for your own e-book sales page or article directories, you are urged to examine programs that are known as keyword research tools.  Keyword research tool programs allow you to determine what keywords or keyword phrases internet users are searching with. If any of these keywords apply to the subject of your e-book, you are urged to use them. Using applicable keywords or keyword phrases will not only generate organic traffic, but it may also help to increase your sales, by bringing in customers who are
interested in what you have to sell.

In short, articles, whether they are displayed on your own e-books sales page or distributed to article directories, can help you generate organic traffic. As previously mentioned, organic traffic is more likely to result in a high number of e-book sales. Organic traffic is all natural; therefore, website visitors actually want to come to your e-book sales page, not just because they are being paid to do so.

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